Fiber technology has long been viewed as a superior networking solution over traditional copper networks because it provides far greater reliability. While the technology had proven cost-prohibitive in the past, it is now far less expensive to implement, operate and manage than Ethernet LANs found in most corporate environments and it is infinitely more sustainable.

Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) single mode fiber networks are highly reliable and economically disruptive networking solutions that reduce acquisition, power, cooling, and operating costs by up to 80%. This proven network technology provides connectivity for wired and wireless voice, video, data, and sensor devices. It can eliminate up to 99% of 25 year maintenance costs when compared to present switch and cable methods.

Ideal for campus environments, new buildings or buildings undergoing renovations, our LANvisn™ non-fragmented fiber optic utilities transform wired networks of all types into highly efficient, highly sustainable multi-service networks of the future. 

IP UtiliNet networks are centrally managed and incorporate the highest level of security for wired and wireless connected IP seeking devices. Our network operations specialists are ready to serve our clients as either network services operators or as a support team for your internal network operations.

We are investing in Georgia and states in which we are doing business. “Private Fiber Operational Services Networks” include financing solutions for your inside and outside plant and can have a term of 20 years with flat rate annual core infrastructure costs that do not change. Finally, you can shift your budget from replacements and upgrades to investments in the implementation of new services that make sense for all of your wired and wireless business needs.

• Reduced Operating Costs
• Improved Economic Value
• Increased Public Safety Capability
• Lower / Eliminate Maintenance Costs
• 25 year Core Infrastructure Technology
• Better for the Environment and the Budget
• More Secure and Scalable than Current Methods








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